Hi all , one of the most important things is to have a good and well organized texture and shader library , here I show you how to preview your shaders (vray balls) in the skm (sketchupmaterial) preview , have fun .

 So here we go!! Now is possible to continue your sketchUp modelling in 3dsmax.

First of all this only will work with the sketchup models that have been worked with the quads logic, using vertex tools, quad face tools from thomthom.

Here is the link to the script done b...

Hi everyone i bring you a new quick tip if you want to reuse your subD assets modeled in sketchup and use them  into 3dmax

 this is your sketchupo subD finished asset

 right click mouse button and save the component as version 8

Import your model in 3dmax

Here is your tria...

 Hi  all!

Today I bring you a quick tutorial , for exporting a model from sketchup to max , and how to deal when there are updates to the model (you know those clients)....

So let's start,

We have this as a original model,

for exportation you better save it as sketc...

Hi guys, are you ready for some advanced modelling, don't get afraid , so easy with the help of a bunch of plugins, check out the video

also if you want you can         get the model here  https://gum.co/WZURY

Watch the video tutorial h...

Hi all! Today I bring you a quick nice tip for the floor generator plugin, you can add multiple texture to your instances, let's see how

1. create a plane for the floor

 2. Run floor generator plugin

download it here: http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t...

Few notes on how Dome light works in the new vray 3.4 for sketchup, and how to use the hdri files from Mediterranean light

 this is the light toolbar, choose the 6th icon it referes to dome light

automatically this will pop-up, choos your hdri file

this is the tipically g...

This is just a mini guide to make a simple action in ps , this time a sky removal.






download pdf

download action


This is a mini guide of how to unwrap the UV from a shape and combine a texture for editing in PS

download pdf

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