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Few notes on how Dome light works in the new vray 3.4 for sketchup, and how to use the hdri files from Mediterranean light

this is the light toolbar, choose the 6th icon it referes to dome light

automatically this will pop-up, choos your hdri file

this is the tipically gizmo thing that will indicate you where the north of the texture is, in this case North referes to 180 º and south to 0º, it is the place where normal centered sun is place in the middle of the hdri texture , so the center of the texture is your 0º

also note that by default the north is pointing always to the X axis of the drawing

This is the rotation scheme that is working when you alter the rotation in the map, so it's clockcounterwise, bit difficult until you get used to it

This is it you can print it and keeps save iclose to your desktop when planning to use domelights in sketchup and vray3.4

so for it to work , we have to be sure of disable the sunLight in the light panel

Also make sure in the enviroment tab , GI and Background is disabled

Back to the light panle , check it's enable, and the intensity to 1

If you enter to the texture , check that gamma is set to 1 as default, do not change this parameter!!

If you open the the UVW Mapping, here you see the horizontal slot , so you can alter the rotation as you want, taking in mind the counterclockwise and the things we have mentioned before, so let's do a test render

Let's build simple geometry , just a bos, and a infinite plane

so here is the result of the first render, all by default, so we see the sun is placed to the 0º and the shadows goes in the north direction

Now let's change from 0º to 90º and see what is changing

now you see the 90º went to the right so counterclockwise , that's all folks, enjoy using the free hdri

Another way you can rotate the hdri direction si by rotating the gizmo itself, but i found this is not very resposnive for large scenes

use the move tool and on the red crosses , rotate at your desired direction , 0º still in the south direction

Make sure you have this Lock dome Light unchecked

so now you see the shadows follows the hdri dome gizmo direction properly , thanks to Thomas Hauchecorne , for the tip


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