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Sketchup to 3dmax , with project updates

Hi all!

Today I bring you a quick tutorial , for exporting a model from sketchup to max , and how to deal when there are updates to the model (you know those clients)....

So let's start,

We have this as a original model,

for exportation you better save it as sketchup8 version

open 3dmax and choose import option make sure you have front/back face materials unchecked

so here we are this is the standard and easiest way to import from SketchUp

*notice that some faces came without textures, this is becouse before exporting you need to make sure all your model is with front faces looking to the camera ( positive normals)

Anyway, once fixed, we recive a notification that there has been some changes in the idea of the project and we need to model it , and reexport, this is how to do it in a exact precise way

Make a component of the new elements you want to export

Use the TIg (originate components axes ) plugin you can find it in the sketchucation store

this will make the axes of the component move to the world 0,0,0 position, and voila, magic is done!

Now just save the component using right mouse button, and remember to save it in version 8

Import it using the standard importation method ...File/ import

And that's it ! i hope this can be useful in your future projects and workflows


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