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Scan quick enviroments with a 3d cam (Part I)

Hello folks, here I am again with a quick tip if you are experimenting with 3d enviroment scanning,.

This is my expirience with 3d cam:*

and a selfie stick wich is 60 cm long so I can separate from the lenses

There is a nice app for the phone so you can sinc with the cam, and also a desktop app for the stiching and conversion to equirectangular panoramas

here you have also interesting link for further info about the cam, apps and firmware

So easy thing , just record some footage from the scenario you want to capture, ninja walk is a must to prevent from blurry frames. Once you have it in your SD card you should have something like this in your computer

Ok , now the fun part , open the Mi sphere cam desktop app, and import it , so it can be processed and transformed into a equirectangular stiched foootage like this.

now you should have a nice equirectangular video, just drop into photoshop and open the timeline thing

So go to export video and then choose to export as a separate sequence of jpg , set the frame rate as your desire

so you will end up with this kind of files , lots and lots of equirectangular panoramas !!

Ok time to go for the real thing , open the agisoft Metashape soft

and import all the jpg. Also go to camera set up and choose spherical , this is very important.

And then just follow the typical workflow of orient photos, dense cloud, mesh , and texture

try the values 0,0 in the tie points

Hope you like it , it will be a part 2 so what we do with that mesh , how we clean it and reproject textures,

see you soon

*(notice this is not for a superaccurate results due to the sensor of the cam , but good enough for a rough model)


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