Hi all! Today I bring you a quick nice tip for the floor generator plugin, you can add multiple texture to your instances, let's see how

1. create a plane for the floor

 2. Run floor generator plugin

download it here: http://sketchucation.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=323&t...

This is a miniguide to bring default rectangular lights a bit further,








 download pdf


Are you messing with the proxy textures , and tired to relink them etc , here is a simple way to solve it and not loose more time, Enjoy!








Hi guys I hope you like it and find it useful for your images. In this tutorial i will show you a simple way to scatter vegetation (proxys) in Sketchup. 

The main is to keep your file organised and clean. Using components, outliner and layer panel.


If you have any...

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